Before The Real Housewives Of Beverly HillsJackie Collins, already a successful writer, gave the world her salacious take on the subject in her best selling book Hollywood Wives catapulting her to a level of fame equivalent to that of her already famous sister Joan.

I don’t claim to have known Jackie Collins but I did have the pleasure of spending a wonderful afternoon at Le Dome Cafe with her and Sandra Bernhard as they dished on everything Hollywood, name-dropped and speculated on the scandals of the day.  She was a delight with which to work, very funny and we all shared an amazing day.

German Vogue had a column where they would “eavesdrop” on a conversation between unlikely parings of personalities and asked me to capture images to accompany the piece.  Fortunately, I had worked quite a lot with Sandra so there was a level of comfort and in short order they started dishing.  This felt familiar to me as I have spent countless hours sitting with women while they are in hair and make-up in the studio. Typically about 15 minutes into the process the talent’s conversation with the make-up artist turns into therapeutic girl-talk, on occasion I find myself commiserating to the point where I joke that I’m starting to hate guys and retain water.